Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Cassandra Batts

B.A.Hons, ERYT 500, Facial Stretch Level 2, CrossFit Level 1, Gestalt Professionals Certificate

I began practicing yoga at Yogaspace at the age of 11 and I’ve been teaching for 13 years. I am an RYT 500 Lead Trainer, versed in a variety of yoga styles. Vinyasa yoga is what I practice personally and it’s what I love to teach. I’m known for my seamless and playful classes set to invigorating playlists and I pride myself in my ability to teach classes that both welcome beginners and inspire seasoned yogi’s. Years of clinical work alongside chiropractors and physiotherapists have taught me a lot about injury prevention and I have a comprehensive understanding of body mechanics. A decade of training in CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting has also given me an uncommon perspective. I work as a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach and hold trainings and certificates in Facial Stretch Therapy, CrossFit, and Gestalt Psychotherapy. In my spare time I enjoy training and spending time with my new family.

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