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Darcie Clark

Darcie is a well respected Hatha Yoga teacher in Toronto with nearly 10 years of teaching experience. She enjoys a thriving schedule working with people of all levels and abilities including seniors, beginners, athletes, and office workers.

Thanks to practicing and apprenticing with senior Hatha Yoga teacher Patricia White for the past 8 years, Darcie understands that willpower and determination alone often lead to injury and tension and that the only way to advance your practice is through greater presence of body, mind, and breath.

In her classes, Darcie encourages students to slow down and find a comfortable range of motion to feel ease rather than strain, fluidity instead of rigidity, and lightness in place of heaviness. She offers clear and thorough instruction so you’ll never feel lost during a class, and provides guidance with gentle hands-on assisting.

Her calm, grounded nature and clear, concise language inspires her students to feel more receptive, engaged, and restored after each class.

For more info on her teaching, or to follow her on twitter or Facebook go to her personal website at

“Yesterday’s class with Darcie Clark was an astonishment of Hatha precision. It’s been two years since I last took a class with Darcie, and yesterday she told me she’s being mentored by Patricia White in preparation to lead Hatha teacher training. You will find no better teacher now than Darcie. Namaste.” – Beth F.

“Darcie is an exceptional teacher. Her instructions are clear and she encourages each person in the class to work to their ability. I suffer from osteo-arthritis and her classes keep me moving and in far less pain. I try never to miss.” – Linda P.

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