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Shelly Rowen ERYT 750

I did my yoga teacher training with Esther Myers in Toronto from 2001 – 2003. Most recently I have been studying with Bo Forbes, exploring the mind/body connection through restorative yoga. Over the past 16 years, I have gained experience teaching yoga to people of all ages and abilities.

I teach a meditative form of Hatha Yoga, where the focus is on helping students to find ease in both body and mind.

This way of practicing is often more about “undoing” then “doing”. We develop focus and awareness through learning to let go of old patterns of holding; relaxing and softening overworked, tight and stressed parts of our body, while waking up parts of us that may have become less mobile, tight, unfeeling, or asleep. Students are encouraged to do less and feel more. Working deeply, tension is released and joints become free, muscles awaken and we develop a practice where movement is stress-free and fluid.

I am less interested in teaching yoga as a form of fitness, and more interested in helping people to find physical and emotional balance through yoga. The emphasis in my classes is on developing the mind/body connection through simple breathing techniques, movement and mindfulness. I believe this way of working is beneficial for everyone, especially those with postural and mobility issues, and those who are in need of the time and space to relax deeply.

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