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Attending Classes

Practicing Yoga

Yoga is most beneficial when practiced regularly… We encourage students to develop a personal practice even if it means only getting down on your mat for 10 minutes a day. Chances are, that 10 minutes will turn into 30 minutes. Working with a qualified teacher in a yoga class is meant to inspire the discipline of personal practice. It also provides you with important personal feedback about posture, alignment, technique, function and sequencing which you can apply to your personal practice.

Everybody is Unique

We encourage individuals to find a style of yoga that best suits their particular needs and interests. Please don’t hesitate to speak to us about what style of yoga might best suit your needs at this time in your life. Yoga is not something that only some people can do. There is a yoga for everyone.

Yoga is Non-competitive

Be compassionate with yourself. Stay connected to your inner teacher. Stop whenever you need to take a break. Listen to the messages your body is sending you as you practice. Learn to recognize the difference between sensation and pain. You should never feel pain while practicing yoga.

Tell Us What You Think

We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. Please feel free to email us or put a note in our suggestion box if you have any thoughts or concerns.