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Zeena Dotiwalla

Zeena is a dynamic, enthusiastic and holistic body practitioner.
She is an active member of the OAO (Ontario Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners). After successfully defending her thesis at the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Toronto, Zeena received her D.O.M.P. (Diploma in Osteopathy Manual Practice) and D.Sc.O. (Diploma in the Science of Osteopathy) (2020). Her treatments consist of layering various techniques, such as cranio-sacral therapy, osteo-articular mobilizations, myofascial release, and also addressing visceral, fluidic and energetic work. In facilitating clients to envision and achieve homeostasis – most optimum health, Zeena offers resources and tools that serve the body long after the physical treatment. Her commitment to the wellbeing and empowerment of her clients infuses every treatment with her ability to connect with each individual, providing a safe, comfortable and positive environment.
Zeena’s interest and education of the body began at a very young age through movement, sports and dance. She pursued professional contemporary dance training with an Honours B.F.A. at York University (2008), and later at LADMMI (l’école de danse contemporaine) in Montreal (2011). Zeena has also been working as a personal fitness trainer since 2012. Her specialized approach in functional movement training has supplemented her osteopathic practice immeasurably. Zeena is well versed in exercise styles from a somatic approach, training the nervous system through refined and coordinated movements, to an explosive, ‘Boot Camp’ style approach, which incorporates plyometrics, as well as circuit and interval training. Proper biomechanics, alignment, balance, core activation and injury prevention are always a priority.
Zeena is certified in Reiki Level Two, bilingual in English and French, CPR certified and currently completing her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at Yogaspace. With an appreciation for the body as a self-regulating unit, she implements education, challenges and support for the autonomic healing process. Her main goal is to help clients not only to achieve, but also to maintain optimal wellness.

“Zeena is caring and attentive, and she has great healing instincts. My body has improved so much with just a few months of her care. I have gained energy, flexibility and functioning; I cant remember how I lived without her help!” – Erin Lambert

“For the first time in weeks, I’m feeling a change in my body!! The pressure that I felt in my chest/lungs has finally lifted and I feel like I can breath again! I’m still achy but not nearly as much. I’ve even started stretching a little! I barely moved all weekend and it seems to have really paid off. I will definitely book another appointment when I’m back, just wanted to let you know you’ve saved my body!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” – T. M.

“I came to Zeena a year ago with a back injury from dancing. It was so intense that I could barely walk around, and sitting was excruciating after only a few minutes. Within just a few sessions, I was feeling good as new! Zeena is very knowledgable and great at explaining what the benefits of the adjustment are, as well as other things that may be involved in the imbalances, such as organs and emotions. I appreciate learning what’s going on in my body and how the treatments work, and Zeena is always happy to answer my questions and ease my concerns.
Recently I re-injured my back, and with just one session there was a drastic difference. The pain was gone, and with a bit of stretching throughout the week, I was back to normal. I’m a huge advocate for osteopathy now, it’s an amazing practice. I feel it’s very important to feel comfortable with your practitioner, and Zeena helps me to feel safe, so that I can relax into the treatment.”

“After a shoulder-centric yoga class the previous day, I was awakened by intense pain on the right side of my neck and in my right shoulder. I was distracted by the severe pain throughout the day, which was not alleviated by ibuprofen or muscle relaxants. I reached out to Zeena and she arranged to see me that evening.
The treatment environment felt comforting, calming, and safe, and Zeena was welcoming and compassionate. She was attentive throughout the initial assessment and gentle, communicative, and thorough during treatment. Almost immediately, I felt deeply relaxed, and the pain subsided dramatically (and remained at a manageable level thereafter). I highly recommend Zeena as she seems knowledgeable, skilled, trustworthy, and very caring, and I would certainly seek treatment from her again.” -S.B.

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