Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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The classes at Yogaspace are appropriate for a wide range of physical abilities and levels of practice. Participants are always encouraged to listen closely to their bodies, and taught how to modify the postures and movements to make them accessible to their unique needs and circumstances. Not every pose or movement is for every body. No postures or movements should ever cause pain. A good yoga teacher is a knowledgable and supportive guide who see’s you, and is able to attend to your unique needs. Nobody knows your body better than you.



All Levels – All levels classes are for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Some all levels classes provide more detailed instruction while others encourage students to explore and make their own discoveries about moving in time and space. Teachers will often provide modifications to individuals for the sake of comfort, safety, and/or accessibility.

Level 1-2 – These classes are for students who are familiar with yoga and movement practices. They often include more advanced postures, longer holds, and/or increased pace. Students who are coming to level 1-2 classes for the first time are encouraged to be patient, take ample breaks, and develop strength and endurance over time.



In Studio Specialty Classes

Restorative Yoga with Massage – All – In Studio

Kathryn Beet
Rachel Pfau
Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:45pm REGISTER NOW » PURCHASE AS A GIFT »

“We need deep rest, we need healing touch and we need to connect in safe space”.

We’ve transformed our treasured Therapeutic Yoga recipe to create the essential somatic experience for present times. A luxurious physical/mental health ritual and a guaranteed good nights sleep.

Note: Please wear warm, loose comfortable clothes, (including socks), and take off all jewelry. A yoga mat is not required.



Ashley McEachern
Amanda Stokes
First Sunday of every month, 7-8:30pm REGISTER NOW » PURCHASE AS A GIFT »

Join Ashley Holly and Amanda Stokes for 90 minutes of pure relaxation, deep stretching, mindfulness, and pampering. This special class fuses yoga, aromatherapy, gentle touch, and reiki to deepen your yoga experience. Intentionally scheduled for Sunday evenings, this class will help you release tension from your week and enter the new one with clarity and calm.


FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE! – All – In Studio

amber j
Friday February 3, 7:30pm REGISTER NOW » PURCHASE AS A GIFT »

Together, we’ll infuse the magic of movement into the studio and sweat it alllll out. Leave the heavy on the dance floor and float away feeling the incredible high vibrational shift of body/mind/soul.

The misfitmethod is a transformative experience. amber has been a mover//dancer her entire life, teacher of movement//dance for almost as long. From a deeply intuitive place of wisdom, she guides each experience with a desire for connection, to ourselves, eachother and the mysticism that unites all things.Resilience fuels the waves of expression, emotion and creativity as each class is a moment in time reminding us that this life is a practice. Letting go is a choice. Cathartic release is healing. Tapping into joy is a superpower. Tell a friend! Bring a friend! Lets dance!


Intro to AcroYoga – All – In Studio
with Mike McKoy
Sunday, December 18th, 2-3:30pm REGISTER NOW »

We get it, the idea of AcroYoga can be scary. That’s why we bring in Mike McKoy. Mike’s goal is literally “to lift people up”. He’s the most positive person and “such a fun teacher”. He’ll teach you the basics of Acro, get you started in a safe space and then support you as you develop your skill. In this workshop, Mike will go over the foundations, get you comfortable with flying and basing and provide practice opportunity for those who have previously worked with him. You don’t need to bring a partner but you can bring a friend and of course spotters will be available for every practiced posture and sequence. Come discover fun, dynamic and safe movement. Explore your body and practice trust.


DROP-IN CLASSES: IN STUDIO AND ONLINE (Register through the Schedule)


Vinyasa Flow – All – In Studio and Online

Fiona Walker - Monday 4:30pm, Wednesday 6pm, Friday 4:30pm
Jessica Ullathorne - Tuesday 6pm
Nicky Poole - Saturday 10am

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a sacred way’. In this flowing, dance-like practice, we begin with a warm up and then move into Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Standing Balances, Core Work, Backbends, Forward Folds and Twists. Sometimes Inversions are also practiced. The transitions between postures are linked by the breath and the postures themselves are held for 3-5 steady breaths. With emphasis on the breath, core engagement, pacing and alignment, students are encouraged to move with care from posture to posture. As new postures are introduced, they are systematically broken down with modifications to make them more accessible to beginners and/or, more challenging for advanced students. Vinyasa classes are fun, and accompanied by inspiring and gently rhythmic music to set the pace. Vinyasa yoga provides cardio conditioning while challenging endurance, strength, stability, mobility and balance.


FLUID FLOW & RESTORE+ – All – In Studio

Kathryn Beet - Thursday 6pm

A fluid core awakening series flows into a restorative practice punctuated by grounding, soothing touch.


Vinyasa Flow All – (Prenatal Friendly) – In Studio

Leasa Wright - Sunday 9:30am

A fun, breath driven, flowing Vinyasa class for everyone. *This class is Prenatal accessible.


Classical Hatha Flow – 1-2 – In Studio

Yosh Maeda - Monday 6pm

The Classical Hatha yoga system is comprised of the asana, pranayama and meditation exercises found in the ancient texts of Hatha yoga. The practice begins with several rounds of the original version of Surya Namaskar ~ a series of dynamic sun salutations devised to stretch and strengthen the front and back lines of the body in preparation for practice. The sequence continues with a series of asana to awaken the spine and create stability, mobility, strength and balance. As this practice evolves, more advanced postures are introduced and the postures are held for increasing lengths of time. Once the postures are completed, we move into a short pranayama, (breathing), and meditation practices to consciously connect with our peaceful selves before coming to rest in Savasana. Level 1-2 classes provide cardio conditioning as well as a focus on stability, mobility, and balance. They are appropriate for experienced practitioners and adventurous beginners.



Nicky Poole - Friday 1pm

This accessible class introduces students to a deeper understanding of their core through targeted movements taken from the complementary modalities of pilates and yoga.

When we talk about the ‘core’ we are referring to the abdominals, back muscles, pelvic floor and breathing muscles. Deepening the connection and awareness of our ‘inner unit’ will provide support and stability for the rest of the body and more ease in all other areas of your life.

This class is ideal for:
• folks looking for a deeper understanding of the workings of their body
• people curious about how mat pilates can support their yoga practice
• people recovering from illness and injury, and working to rebuild strength
• postnatal students
• new students venturing back into movement practice after some time away
• people who want to feel strong and empowered

A mat based class, with most movements down seated or reclining and minimal pressure on the wrists, light toning weights, inflatable core balls and other props are used to enhance the experience and add load depending on individual needs and preferences.


Morning Salutations – All – In Studio

Jaffer Hussain - Tuesday 9:30am

The perfect morning class for all levels of students. Stretchy and slow beginnings mixed with a moderate vinyasa practice will give you just the right amount of sweat and chill to leave you feeling your best.


Flowyoga – All – In Studio and Online

Bibi Rahim-Hahn - Wednesday 11am, Friday 6pm, Sunday 4pm

The Flow always begins with a guided meditation that goes deep and sets the tone for for a series of postures to open the body for inward exploration. This class moves slowly and deliberately, encouraging participants to explore their individual edges while letting go of externally imposed expectations and limitations. The Flowyoga sequence is designed to stimulate each chakra and promote health in the associated glands of the endocrine system. A slow moving class focused on developing and maintaining mental and physical stability, mobility and balance.


Chakra Flow – 1-2 – In Studio

Hali Schwartz - Wednesday 1pm

This unique practice, (sādhana) will explore some of the most important elements of the traditional hatha yoga system. Our weekly sequence will remain the same for three month cycles until it is cultivated and honed. It will include āsana, prānāyām and the practices of chakra kriya. In its classical setting, hatha yoga’s principal aim is to bring awareness to the channels of energy (chakra) that lie dormant within the body so that they may be accessed. This is a dynamic and exciting practice that culminates in the stillness of meditation. An intermediate class, ideal for yoga practitioners with some prior experience.


Yoga Tune Up® – Move & Massage – All – In Studio

YuMee Chung - Wednesday 1pm

A satisfying yogic movement class that includes targeted self-massage, feel-good therapeutic movement and breath practices designed to improve mobility and stability while increasing proprioception, diminishing pain, and calming the nervous system. A perfect complement to your yoga practice. Ideal for yogis looking to go deeper, athletes seeking active recovery, and anyone who appreciates artful yet anatomically fluent instruction. Great for all levels, including absolute beginners and those working with injuries.



YuMee Chung - Monday 11am

A deeply satisfying all levels Vinyasa class that combines an organic, flowing practice with a dose of targeted self-massage, feel-good therapeutic movement and meditative breath practice.


Restorative Yoga – All – In Studio

Yosh Maeda - Monday 7:15pm

Restorative yoga is a practice aimed at recovering wellness, ease and harmony in a system that has become overloaded and hyper stimulated. The restorative practice adapts many of the fundamental postures of the hatha yoga system, bringing about their healing properties by cultivating our ability to yield to the force of gravity. Practiced predominantly in reclined, prone or a sitting positions with the support of props to achieve varying effects, restorative yoga aims to transport the practitioner into a state of deep rest and inner quiet where the body and the mind can release accumulated tension.


Yin & Restore + Soundbath – All – In Studio

Nikki Gauci - Wednesday 7:30pm

An evening ritual that perfectly balances the stretch and release of Yin yoga and the nourishment and support of a Restorative practice. Enhanced by a live Soundbath and all done on the floor with the support of blankets, bolsters and blocks. Expect a luxurious guided savasana and float home in a state of bliss.


Community Classes – ALLIn Studio

Taught by graduates of the Yogaspace 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Taught in the styles of Vinyasa or Classical Hatha Flow by graduates of our 200 hour yoga teacher training program, these classes have served as the breeding ground for many of Toronto’s most talented yoga teachers for twenty two years. (All)