Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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The classes at Yogaspace are appropriate for a wide range of physical abilities and levels of practice. Participants are always encouraged to listen closely to their bodies, and taught how to modify the postures and movements to make them accessible to their unique needs and circumstances. Not every pose or movement is for every body. No postures or movements should ever cause pain. A good yoga teacher is a knowledgable and supportive guide who see’s you, and is able to attend to your unique needs. Nobody knows your body better than you.



All Levels – All level classes are for everyone from beginners to those who just prefer to move at a moderate pace. Some all levels classes provide detailed instruction. Others provide more space for students to make they’re own discoveries about how to make the postures work within the context of their unique needs on any given day.

Level 1-2 – These classes are for those who are familiar with yoga and movement practices. They often include more advanced postures or exercises, an increased pace and are generally, sweaty and fun. Students who are coming to level 1-2 classes for the first time are encouraged to take breaks when needed, and develop their strength and endurance over time.



Park Yoga

An All Levels class in Trinity Bellwoods Park suitable for most people. Students are encouraged to modify, take breaks or go deeper, as needed. Each Park Yoga class is as unique as the teacher leading it. We meet at the Crawford Street and Lobb Avenue Park Entrance, 1 block North of Queen Street, 1 Block South of Dundas street, 10 minutes before the class start time.


The Flow always begins with a guided meditation that goes deep and sets the tone for for a series of postures to open the body for inward exploration. A meditation in motion, this class moves slowly and deliberately, encouraging participants to explore their individual edges, while letting go of externally imposed expectations and limitations. The Flowyoga sequence is said to stimulate and open each chakra and promote health in the associated glands of the endocrine system.
(Please note: Flowyoga is not a Vinyasa class). – All Levels

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a sacred way’. In this modern, flowing, dance-like practice, we begin with several rounds of dynamic Sun Salutations to warm up the body. Each movement is linked to an extended inhalation or exhalation and each posture is held for no longer than 3-5 deep and relaxed, inhales and exhales. With the emphasis on core engagement, conscious breathing, pacing and alignment, students are encouraged to listen in and carefully explore the postures and their transitions within the context of their unique bodies. Vinyasa classes are fun, and most often accompanied by inspiring and gently rhythmic music to set the pace. As All level students become familiar with the Vinyasa practice, they may choose to explore level 1-2 classes where more advanced postures are introduced and the pace is increased. Vinyasa yoga provides cardio conditioning while challenging endurance, strength, stability, mobility and balance. All and Level 1-2

Classical Hatha

The Classical Hatha yoga system is comprised of the asana, pranayama and meditation exercises found in the ancient texts of Hatha yoga. The practice begins with several rounds of the original version of Surya Namaskar ~ a series of dynamic sun salutations devised to stretch and strengthen the front and back lines of the body in preparation for practice. The sequence continues with a series of asana to awaken the spine and create stability, mobility, strength and balance. As this practice evolves, more advanced postures are introduced and the postures are held for increasing lengths of time. Once the postures are completed, we move into a short pranayama, (breathing), and meditation practices to consciously connect with our peaceful selves before coming to rest in Savasana. Level 1-2 classes definitely provide cardio conditioning. All levels focus more specifically on stability, mobility, and balance. – All and Level 1-2

Yoga/Pilates Fusion

This unique hybrid movement experience combines elements of Vinyasa yoga, pilates, and dance. We begin with core strengthening pilates, then move into a Vinyasa flow peppered with dance elements of Limone and Gaga to get our hearts pumping as we swing and shake and let go. A challenging yet fun full-body workout that winds down with a deep stretch into Savasana. Walk away strong and re-aligned with a deep sense of calm. – Level 1-2

Prenatal Yoga

A whole body flow focused on stretching and strengthening important muscle groups in support of your changing, pregnant body. Connect breath and movement to unravel common pregnancy discomforts. Gentle and effective yoga sequences support you in developing the endurance required for coping during labour. – All Levels

Prenatal Yoga with Soundbath

A flowing Prenatal Yoga class that closes with a deeply calming and healing sound bath, as you rest and release in Savasana. – All Levels

Yoga Snacks

Yoga Snacks are for anyone who could use a little stretch and inward looking connection in their day. Taught by recent graduates of our 200 Hour yoga teacher training program, each yoga snack is unique. You can expect anything from reclining and sitting poses to a stretchy flow sequence, or a smart, invigorating standing sequence. These classes always move at a slow to moderate pace and most often, include some sort of breathing practice and/or short guided meditation. Join us for yoga snacks and experience the results of our renowned yoga teacher training program. – All Levels