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Deepening Your Practice: The Root of Competent and Bountiful Teaching: Pranayama and Meditation

with Hali Schwartz


15 hours – $375+hst

(Preparation course for Advanced Yoga Philosophy)

Pranayam, as the Sanskrit term suggests, is an ancient yoga practice which aims to ‘extend’, or expand prana, (life force). The pranayama practice employs various techniques to harness the breath and works alongside the many other hatha yoga techniques and practices, aiming to create a state of balance and health within the entire system. The practice involves a series of breathing exercises focused on accessing and awakening the internal energy system. Pranayam is an integral aspect of the overall science of hatha yoga and is used as a preparation for the practice of meditation, which is what all of the practices of hatha yoga are meant to prepare us for. In this course, we will develop and deepen our pranayam and meditation practices, and learn valuable skills that will assist us in effectively sharing them with others in the context of classes, workshops and teacher trainings.



Pedagogy and analysis.
Extensive pranayama and meditation practice.
Lecture and discussion.
Practice teaching.
Course manual.

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Payment is due upon registration to secure your spot. Once payment has been made, refunds may occur up until 48 hours prior to the start date of the workshop or pre-registered series. No refunds or exchanges will be given within the final 48 hours before a workshop or pre-registered series begins.
There are no refunds or make-up classes for missed classes within a workshop or pre-registered class.

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