Toronto - on Ossington between Queen and Dundas
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Forgiveness is Freedom

with Andréa Tyniec, Canadian Classical Violinist & Soloist

October 27 Buy Tickets

$35 or $40 at the door

Informed by the most recent research on trauma, and inspired by the writing of Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu, Forgiveness is Freedom is an unprecedented musical and inner journey, that blends guided meditation, forgiveness practice and a solo violin concert. Forgiveness is Freedom has been leaving audiences moved long after the last note, and energized by the new possibilities that emerge from this simple practice.

Forgiveness is available to all of us through our human capacity for compassion and empathy, yet can seem out of reach, unnecessary, undeserved or overwhelming.

We rarely speak of forgiveness with our loved ones, and in our fast paced world where “moving on” and “getting over it” are the appropriate responses to legitimate hurt and trauma, there seems to be little space to honestly and gently step into the past. Often we do move on, only to realize that things feel heavier, that we don’t quite feel like ourselves and our options seem narrower.

Forgiveness is Freedom is an experience that opens space for everyone to come as they are – exploring their own unique story through a new lens to return home with a renewed sense of hope and a practice to call their own.