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Introduction to Hatha Yoga

with Darcie Clark

Mondays, 6 – 7:20pm

Sept 16, 23, 30; Oct 7
Nov 18, 25; Dec 2, 9

4 weeks – $80
Members – 4 weeks – $40

Yoga is a vast system of techniques and disciplines that help us learn about ourselves through our body, breath, and mind.
Hatha is a broad term that includes all of the physical aspects of the yoga practice, including yoga postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama), and meditation. All types of yoga, such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga, are styles of Hatha yoga.
The word Hatha derives from two roots: ha means ‘sun’, and tha means ‘moon’. The main goal of the Hatha Yoga practice is to regulate and balance these two energies – positive and negative, active and passive. This is attained through careful observation and regulation of the breath alongside the practice of precise physical postures.

The term Hatha yoga is generally used to describe a more static practice, where the postures are taught at a slower pace with emphasis on deep, careful stretching. This helps distinguish it from Vinyasa Yoga where we move from pose to pose in sync with the breath in a more dynamic style of practice.

This gentle introductory workshop will familiarize students with all the fundamental elements of Hatha yoga. Students will learn about and experience:

As well, participants will be introduced to Restorative yoga, a deeply relaxing and nourishing style of Hatha yoga that incorporates the use of props for support in the poses so we may hold poses for longer periods of time and focus on calming the nervous system. This course prepares you to comfortably and confidently attend any of the Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga classes on our schedule. If you’re interested in taking Vinyasa Yoga classes, we highly recommend you take the Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga course.

If you take The Introduction to Hatha Workshop before attending any of the classes on the drop-in schedule, you may still purchase one of the new student pass specials after the workshop is over.

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