Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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with amber j

Friday March 31, 7:30-8:30pm




Take time to tune in and soften. Inspired to cultivate a tender practice that allows for flowing, active stretching, untangling and intentional breath. By moving slow, dancing a slow dance with yourself to intentionally release tension, and untangle emotional knots we often hold within, we recalibrate and soothe the nervous system. An hour to inspire a clearing of inner channels helping remind us all of our creative spirit while practicing the art of presence. Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches, this class offers a creative way to open and untangle. Nourish the entire body by breathing slow, moving intentionally and consciously releasing tension.

Where you’ll feel it most: A body/mind/soul release
Intensity: Calming, soothing, good for all levels.


Workshop and Pre-registered Class Refund Policy
Payment is due upon registration to secure your spot. Once payment has been made, refunds may occur up until 48 hours prior to the start date of the workshop or pre-registered series. No refunds or exchanges will be given within the final 48 hours before a workshop or pre-registered series begins.
There are no refunds or make-up classes for missed classes within a workshop or pre-registered class.

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