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Yin Yoga: Release the Issues in your Tissues

with Sean Alexandra

Sundays, 6 – 7:15pm
4 weeks – $80
Drop in – $25

October 17 – November 7 Register Now »
November 14 – December 5 Register Now »


24 hour links are available upon request for any missed classes at

Issues in your tissues? Yin Yoga may be just the thing you’re looking for. The opposite of Yang practices like Vinyasa, Yin is about deep, long, relaxed holds and letting go in the postures. Runners love it, body builders and hockey players love it. Anybody who feels stiff and lacking mobility, will generally come out of a Yin class feeling as though they’ve just had a hot bath and a deep massage. That’s because Yin Yoga targets not just muscles and ligaments, but the web like connective tissue in which they are wrapped. Yin yoga will increase your mobility and stability, enhance your ability to breathe more effectively, help you to relax more deeply, sleep more soundly and it will enhance your ability to do things like sit comfortably in meditation for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga is a natural compliment to whatever the Yang practice is in your life and because it moves so slowly and focuses deeply on the breath, it’s a great door into the practice of yoga for someone who’s never done yoga before.

Sept 12 – Non-Harming / Ahimsa
Sept 19 – Honesty + Truth / Satya
Sept 26 – Non-taking / Asteya
Oct 3 – The Art of Letting Go / Aparigraha

Oct 17 -Housekeeping: Body, Mind + Spirit / Saucha
Oct 24 – Contentment / Santosha
Oct 31 – Fanning the Fire / Tapas
Nov 7 – Self-Reflection + Surrender / Svadhyaya + Ishvara Pranidhana

Nov 14 – Kidney + Bladder Meridian
Nov 21 – Liver + Gall Bladder Meridians
Nov 28 – Stomach + Spleen Meridian
Dec 5 – Upper Body Meridians

Workshop Refund Policy
Payment is due upon registration to secure your spot. Once payment has been made, refunds may occur up until 48 hours prior to the start date of the workshop. No refunds or exchanges will be given within the final 48 hours. Refunds or credits will not be given for missed sessions within a workshop.

All fees are subject to HST and are in Canadian Dollars.