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Adaptive Yoga Part 2 Online: Create Accessible Yoga Classes for All

with Darcie Clark
Fridays, 6 – 8pm
Saturdays & Sundays, 11 – 1pm
Spring 2022 dates TBA
15 hours – $300

Learn how to teach yoga classes to students of all ages, abilities, body sizes, and experience.
This course teaches you how to structure your classes in a way that includes everyone, how to offer variations and modifications to your students in a succinct and non-judgemental way, and the importance of using inclusive language that supports your student’s personal learning.


• Overview of what is Adaptive Yoga, why it’s important, and general guidelines for ways to make your classes inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for all.

• How to design your classes using progressive sequencing with the use of pose maps that help to break down each asana into simpler movements.

• Understand the value of props and ways to use both traditional yoga props and regular household items to enhance and support the practice.

• Considerations for people with abundant bodies such as ways to modify the sun salutations, twists, inversions, forward bends, and prone positions to suit their body type.

• Learn the difference between action-specific cues versus awareness-specific cues and when and how to use either in class.

• Why kinesthetic learning is important and how to foster your student’s body awareness.

• Reasons for common injuries and guidelines to avoid them.

• Appropriate ways to modify all of the major yoga asanas with the use of props.

• Learn modifications to make the Sun Salutations more accessible.

• Guidelines for how to teach beginners.

• Understand your scope of practice as a yoga teacher and when to refer your students to health practitioners.


• 100+ page teaching manual – PDF format.
• Private Facebook group for Adaptive Yoga Teachers.
• Free Class Passes to two of Darcie’s online yoga classes.
• Access to downloadable recordings of each teacher training session.


• A yoga mat.
• One yoga belt (or scarf/tie).
• Two blankets or pillows.
• Two yoga blocks.
• One bolster.