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Adaptive Yoga Part 1 Online: How To Teach Chair Yoga

with Darcie Clark
Fridays, 6 – 8pm
Saturdays & Sundays, 11 – 1pm
February 11, 12, 13; February 25, 26, 27
15 hours – $350
Early bird register by January 14 – $300 EARLY BIRD REGISTER NOW

Chair Yoga is a popular practice with seniors, office workers, and people with limited mobility. Gain the skills needed to competently teach yoga that is inclusive for people in a range of circumstances – those experiencing acute or chronic illness, recovering from injury or surgery, using a wheelchair, with decreased mobility, and with physical disabilities. You’ll learn how to adapt the yoga practice for both seated chair yoga and supported chair yoga which includes poses done standing with the aid of the chair, as well as how to incorporate other props to enhance the Chair Yoga practice. You’ll feel prepared to safely and effectively teach yoga to people who have arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacement, cardiovascular disease, and more. Equipped with the knowledge gained in this training you’ll be a better yoga teacher capable of helping people of all abilities experience the benefits of yoga.


• Overview of what is Adaptive Yoga, why it’s important, and general guidelines for ways to make your classes inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for all.

• How to structure your class using progressive sequencing with the use of pose maps that help to break down each asana into smaller movements.

• Understand the value of props and ways to use both traditional yoga props and regular household items to enhance and support the practice.

• Specific considerations on teaching people with abundant bodies.

• How to foster your students’ body awareness and encourage kinesthetic learning using awareness-based cues that empower personal choice and embodied experience in a group class setting.

• Common injuries and ways to avoid them, even in online classes when you may not be able to see your students.

• Accessible breath awareness exercises.

•Mobility exercises for the shoulders, neck, spine, hands, feet, hips, and pelvis.

• Safe ways to teach balance.

• Core supportive exercises from the chair.

• Appropriate ways to modify specific yoga asanas for the chair.

• Accessible flowing sequences that can be taught simultaneously for people sitting in a chair and people standing.

• Class templates for different scenarios such as: 30 minute seated chair yoga class, 60 minute combined seated and standing chair yoga class, all levels class that includes students seated in a chair as well as those on a mat, guidelines for teaching people with osteoporosis, arthritis, hip and knee replacements, and more.


• 100+ page teaching manual – PDF format.

• Access to Darcie’s complete library of over 30 recorded Chair Yoga classes.

• Private Facebook group of Adaptive Chair Yoga Teachers.

• Free Class Passes to two of Darcie’s online yoga classes.

• Access to downloadable recordings of each teacher training session.


• A firm chair without arm rests.

• Two yoga blocks.

• One yoga belt (or scarf/tie).

• One blanket and/or yoga bolster.