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Social Justice and Equity in Yoga
Anti-Oppression 101, White Privilege and Allyship, Transgender Competency, Trauma Sensitivity, Consent and Touch.

with Tobias Wiggins

February 15, 22
11:30 – 7pm

15 hours

(The BIPOC Healing Workshop/Space is part of this training for all folks who identify as BIPOC)

We are offering five 50% Scholarship spots to this course. To apply for scholarship, please send an email to including a 150 word essay explaining why you are a good candidate for scholarship.

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In this workshop series you will learn the foundations required to foster an anti-oppressive yoga practice rooted in social justice and social change. We will begin by considering how larger systems of oppression – such as racism, classism, sexism, transphobia, and ableism – all interact to inform each individual’s lived experience both inside and outside yoga spaces. Further, we explore how these intersecting oppressions are normalized, institutionalized, and become invisible. Together we will build tools to reveal and challenge these power dynamics. Issues of privilege, allyship, and how to effectively respond when harm is caused will be emphasized.

After learning these fundamentals in anti-oppression, the class will focus on three specific areas of interest. In the first section, we will examine issues pertaining to white privilege, racism, anti-racist practice, and allyship. This conversation will center specifically upon manifestations of white privilege in yoga communities, including discussions surrounding cultural appropriation.

Secondly, we investigate transgender competency. In this section, teachers will develop a thorough understanding of how to facilitate a safer space for transgender, non-binary, and two spirit people in their classes and studios. We will cover terminology, elaborate upon common negative experiences in yoga studios, and provide tangible strategies for genuine inclusion.

Lastly, we will integrate our knowledge about anti-oppression to consider how trauma-informed yoga can be a form of social justice. Workshop participants will learn different tools for providing trauma-sensitive classes, including practical tools for establishing consent, avoiding triggers, and cultivating a safer container for those with trauma to access healing through mindful movement.




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