Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Yoga Philosophy Comes to the Mat

with Hali Schwartz

2 Saturdays & Sundays
11 – 2pm & 3 – 5pm
30 hours
$500 + HST

In this 30 hour course we will be learning how to incorporate the teachings of yoga philosophy into our āsana based classes. In our exploration of yoga philosophy’s teachings on both karma and rāja yoga, we will be using hatha yoga’s most celebrated flow practice, that of sūrya and chandra namaskār. In this way we will be able to trace hatha yoga’s fascinating journey through time, and see its profound connection to yoga’s ancient philosophical teachings. Both sūrya and chandra namaskār have always been a perfect expression of the synergy between a devotional practice as well as a physical one, and its many versions and variations have been captivating yoga practitioners for more than half a millennium. In sūrya namaskār we can see clearly and experience how yoga philosophy and hatha yoga merge as one. As teachers it is crucial that we are able to communicate this connection to our students.


• 1 Yoga mat, 2 blocks 1 yoga strap, 1 blanket.