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Taking the Yogaspace Teacher Training Program was an amazingly rich experience. We were guided to delve deep and speak from our own experience. I learned how to teach in a way that is true to me, which is the way to be an authentic and compelling teacher. I learned to develop a keen eye for the needs of different students, to honour each one as an individual body, an individual person. The program provided a solid foundation for teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga – the combination of Kathryn and Patricia was powerful. The studio space is beautiful and is the home for a strong community of yoga teachers that I connected with throughout the training program and continue to connect with while teaching.

- Madelaine Côté


The Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspace transformed my teaching and my life. The studio itself is a reflection of the learning. The light pours into the west studio with a zen quality, creating space in the mind and body. The dark womb of the second studio lets one delve deeply into the teachings. Trusting your teacher is key to learning. Kathryn and Patrica , though different, create this trusting environment with their knowledge of the body, their intensity and their humour. The experience of silence, tears, laughter and song bring the teachings to life. Like all great teachers they find the edges and fear and guide you through – maybe its a full wheel . Respecting boundaries they find a faith that you didn’t know you had. It is a privilege to teach where I continue to learn. I m now earning my living teaching yoga, in schools, community centres and studios around the city. I love my life. Yogaspace is pivotal for me to be the Yoga teacher I seek.

- Dale Stafford


“My experience at YogaSpace has been truly inspiring & empowering. The teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the wealth of yoga with their students; the staff is amazing and very accommodating! I left with more knowledge, love, inner peace and a thirst for even more. The heart, soul and time that was put into this course was unsurpassed. Thank you for being a part of my journey! YogaSpace will always be a second home to me.”

- Falitaa Chhabra


YTT with YogaSpace was life changing. Although it was hard work, every single minute of our classes were full of exciting lessons. Whether you want to be a Yoga Teacher or not, this is a program that everybody should take if you want to understand yourself better. I will take with me lessons that I will keep for the rest of my life.”

- Andrei Neagoie