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with Nicky Poole & YuMee Chung

Saturdays & Sundays
8 Weekends, April 24 – November 7
95 hours

The Art of Teaching is a pedagogical skills training for yoga teachers and teachers-to-be who are committed to the craft of teaching yoga. Offered over eight efficient weekends, this training systematically unpacks the tools and techniques in the yoga instructor’s toolkit. Whether you teach active or introspective styles of yoga, or both, this training will support you as you deepen your self-awareness and capacity for accurate self-assessment; deconstruct poor teaching habits; move past teaching ruts and plateaus; and uncover your unique teaching voice. Lessons will be reinforced through well-designed homework exercises and practical assignments. Graduates will leave with renewed energy, purpose and confidence in their ability to teach.


Cultivating the Inner Teacher (April 24, 25: 12pm-2:30pm/4-5:30pm)

• Scope of practice and the role of the yoga teacher
• What neuroscience has to say about the acquisition of skill
• Practicum structure
• How to give constructive feedback to self and others
• Audio and video recording as self-assessment tools
• Recontextualizing and embracing so-called “mistakes”

The Virtual Yoga Teacher (May 15, 12pm-2:30 pm/4-5:30pm & May 16, 1-2:30 pm/4:30-6pm)

• The online teacher’s opportunities and challenges
• Minimum technical requirements
• How to take your set-up to the next level
• Zoom settings, including lesser-known advanced settings
• Staging, framing, lighting, etc.

Pose Demos and the Teaching Toolkit (June 19, 12-1:30pm/3-4:30 pm & June 20, 12-2pm/3:30-5:30pm)

• Teaching visual learners
• Body language and postural presence
• Pose demos and mirror neurons
• Organizing information in an Asana Rap Sheet
• Asana notation

The Art of Sequencing (June 26 & 27: 12pm-2:30 pm/4-5:30 pm)

• Pose families and pose orientation
• Pose progression, regression, adaptation and innovation
• Motor learning strategies
• Sequencing styles

Language, Cuing and Artful Communication (September 18 & 19: 12pm-2:30pm/4-5:30pm)

• Authentic voice and vocal exercises for yoga teachers
• Deconstructing language habits
• The poetry of yoga (imagery, simile, metaphor, vibrant verbs)
• Storytelling
• Cuing clarity

Breath, Time, and Music Playlists (October 16, 12-2pm & 3:30-5:30pm & October 17, 10am-12pm)

• Vinyasa krama
• Breath BPM (beats per minute)
• Strategies for keeping time
• Creating music playlists
• Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound and deep listening.

Inspired Theming (October 23 & 24: 12pm-2:30pm/4-5:30 pm)

• Theming inspiration
• Strategies for developing theme-driven classes

The Business of Yoga and Bringing it all Together (November 6 & 7: 12pm-2:30pm/4-5:30 pm)

• Practicum finale
• Business of yoga.

• 6 month access to Yogaspace livestream service.
• 6 month subscription to leelapod video on demand library.
• 6 month access to a dedicated student forum (which houses PDFs of all supplementary reading materials, worksheets, student discussion boards, and homework upload area)

The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle (available at major bookstores and online).
Please read in advance of weekend 1.