Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Yin Yoga: Teaching an Integrative Practice

with Angela Jervis-Read

2 Saturdays & Sundays
9 – 12pm / 1 – 3pm
55 hours
$700 + HST

Learning the language of Yin yoga is a perfect compliment for a dynamic yoga teacher.
Defined by long relaxed holds, this contemplative practice highlights the benefits of
stillness and the value of meditation. Slowing down the physical practice, is often a
stepping stone for students and teachers alike into the deeper worlds of Self discovery.
Passive stretching has it’s roots in martial arts. Stimulating fascia in this way allows for
a significant shift in range of motion. As the body becomes more supple, this
transformation is often reflected in the mind. Tolerance, patience and compassion grow
as we broaden our capacity to simply witness.
Eastern sciences have long recognized the homogenous entity that is body and mind.
In this program you will learn how to design sequences that go beyond the physical
realm, impacting the field of thought and emotion.
Compare and contrast the energetic networks of: Tradition Chinese Medicine
(meridians), the Indian chakra system and the Western comparative, myofascial
anatomy. Seamlessly bridge the gap between East and West. Having multiple
paradigms to draw from, will provide you with versatility in the way of vocabulary, to
reach multiple demographics. Leave this program steeped in the knowledge of
psychosomatics and expand your capacity to heal.

• History of Yin.
• Yin and Yang Theory – Fundamental Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
• Organ Meridian Theory – Physical, mental & emotional qualities of 12 organ meridians.
• Chakra Theory – Qualities and attributes of the central chakra system.
• Myofascial Anatomy – function & nature of fascia & location of the 12 myofascial trains.
• Compare how myofascial trains correspond to both the meridian and chakra systems.
• Learn the defining principles of Yin Yoga that allow safe manipulation of fascial fabric.
• The art of yin sequencing.
• Introduction to posture assessment.
• Practice Teaching – One-to-one.
• Learn all 40 Yin Poses, their variations and how to prop them.

• 200 page manual – PDF format
• Password access to Angela’s library of pre-recorded classes required for this program (YouTube, unlimited).

• Bolster cylindrical or rectangular (or a rolled up, thick blanket) • 2 blocks (or two thick books, think Harry Potter)
• 1 strap (or a belt/scarf, that does not stretch)
• 1 blanket