Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Yogic Meditation: Experiencing and Teaching the Subtle

with Taryn Diamond

4 Wednesday Evenings
6 – 7pm and 6 – 8:30pm
20 hours
$300 + HST

Yoga is the fine-tuning of our awareness to observe the subtle. As yoga instructors, we become adept at cueing the ‘gross’, like the form of asana and the chug of the breath but, cultivating an awareness of the ‘subtle’ is a skill that takes time to foster. If the purest form of guided meditation feels like plucking words from the ether, how can you build a language that guides your students to these places? How can you lean on your own experience to inform your teaching?

This unique course aims to foster both an experiential and intellectual relationship to seated yogic meditation. Becoming an authentic and effective meditation instructor emerges from ones’ relationship with the modality. This course assists you in fostering that relationship through a curated, 10-week meditation program and creative workbook. To inspire and infuse your progress, we meet for monthly check-ins and mini lectures where we toggle the theory of meditation with other lenses like the nervous system response and neuroscience.

Please note: This course is designed to be paired alongside the Yoga Nidra course. Pairing the practice of meditation alongside the Yoga Nidra teacher training, will enable aspiring teachers to experience the subtle and from there, share it. The result – you will emerge with an established and nuanced understanding of the differences between yoga nidrā and meditation and an ability to hold space and silence from a place of personal experience and authenticity – an underrated skill that is highly transferrable to leading any yoga offering.