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Personal Training

Whether you want build muscle and lose fat or improve muscle imbalances and rehabilitate existing injuries, studies have shown that when you work out for too long, your cortisol levels go up especially if you are already stressed. Cortisol is destructive to muscle tissue. Keeping workouts short and intense, prevents excessive cortisol release (which begins to happen after about 40 minutes). 30 minute training sessions mean less wear and tear and quicker recovery time, giving you the best gains in a shorter amount of time.


This type of training is meant to induce a body transformation of some kind. This can include, but is not limited to, fat loss, muscle or lean body mass gain, increased flexibility, increased explosiveness or improved strength.

Using chin-up bars, resistance bands, sandbags, yoga blocks, plyo boxes and rings, The Personal Training Team will safely take you through movement in a progressive manner to achieve goals you never thought possible. We will also address nutritional and mindset barriers that could be holding you back.


This type of training is geared towards improving muscle imbalances and injuries that can cause weakness, discomfort, chronic pain and/or decreased performance. The integrated team at Yoga Space works together to get you out of discomfort, right imbalances and restore health and function.

Personal Trainers

Cassandra BattsTyler JacksonAli Lipson

Personal Training Fees


First ConsultationFree
One-on-one training – package of 8 sessions$520 ($65 each session)
One-on-one training – pay as you go$75 each session
Duets 8 pack$720

Tyler & Ali

First ConsultationFree
One-on-one training – package of 8 sessions$480 ($60 each session)
One-on-one training – pay as you go$70 each session
Duets 8 pack$680

To book an appointment please call the front desk at 416-516-9940.

Cancellation & Missed Appointment Policy:
All treatment appointments require a credit card. Please note our 24 hour cancellation policy. If you miss an appointment, you will be charged the full treatment cost.
All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. All fees are subject to HST and are in Canadian Dollars.

Transformation and Rehabilitation Testimonials

“I am 59 years old and I never thought I was strong. I can now dead lift 200lbs! Pretty awesome for almost 60. I can now also do various forms of pull-up assisted which is something I would have never tried. This strength allows me to carry my twin granddaughters at the same time in each arm; something my own daughter cannot even do!” – Isabelle Z.

“With the Team’s guidance I have been able to consistently release fat at will and put on muscle quickly. They have helped me shed 30+ pounds in 3-4 months in the past. I have now gained 13 pounds in 7 weeks while keeping my body fat very stable.” – anonymous

“In 3 weeks I went from not being able to get up into wheel without assistance and a bolster to being able to do it on my own bolster free! An old injury and shoulder weakness had kept me from doing this.” – Lynn M.

“When I first started strength training I was two years out from a hip replacement and I showed up to our first session cane in hand. My trainer looked at me and said ‘let’s get you free of that shall we?’ 5 weeks later it is collecting dust and I can now squat below 90 degrees without pain. A huge plus is I am now able to run multiple errands in a day with energy to spare at 72. I used to be exhausted after one!” – Anne B

“I had chronic pain in my right glute which I was told was sciatica. It was painful when I walked, drove, exercised, basically when I moved. It was very frustrating because it felt like a constant tooth ache…literally a BIG pain in the butt! After my second visit with Michelle I had an 80% improvement and was almost pain-free. Although I have the occasional flare-up, subsequent treatments help keep them at bay and I am pain-free most of the time. I can now walk for longer and do exercises I had once avoided. I highly recommend her. She knows her stuff and her interpersonal skills are second to none. I consider myself blessed for finding her” – Margaret C.

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