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Angela Jervis-Read


Yoga helped me to recover after breaking my spine in the 90’s. The positive effect the practice had on my body, mind and relationships inspired me to become a yoga teacher in 2000.

During my first decade of teaching, I lived in Costa Rica working as the Director of Wellness at Samasati Yoga Retreat Centre. Upon return to Toronto, I created the yoga program at St. Michael’s hospital and taught classes at The Yoga Sanctuary, Core Studio, and Equinox. Eventually, I opened my own yoga studio in Cabbagetown.

Over the last decade I have been fortunate enough to travel the world consulting and leading teacher training in Asia, South America, Central America, Europe and Canada. My subjects include Yin, Vinyasa, meditation, yoga philosophy, trauma informed yoga, physical and energetic anatomy.

I’m fascinated by the positive impact yoga has on trauma and I’m dedicated to taking this knowledge out of studios and into our communities. I work with the Minwashin Lodge in Ottawa to bring yoga into indigenous circles, through a group of full spectrum doulas called Nannies on the Road. I also offer workshops to psychotherapists, social workers and nurses who are interested in bringing a bottom-up healing approach into their clinics.

As a lifelong learner, I am currently studying to be a Somatic Movement Therapist. I love weaving the latest scientific research into my deeply established spiritual practices. My intention is to create a bridge between Eastern and Western healing protocols, to facilitate harmony within and peace in our shared experiences.


I have been teaching yoga since 2000

• I was the Yoga Director of Samasati Yoga Centre in Costa Rica
• I was a Lead 300 Hour Teacher Trainer at Sampoorna Yoga School, in India
• I was Owner/Director or Sundara Yoga Studio, Toronto
• I was Director of St Michaels Hospital Yoga program for staff and patients

I am currently:

• Teaching Yin, Vinyasa and Trauma Informed Teacher Trainings internationally
• Studying to be a Somatic Movement Therapist
• A consultant for yoga studio’s developing YTT’s
• An International ERYT 500 Lead Teacher Trainer

My classroom:

• I’m told I am funny : )
• I can take complicated subjects and make them relevant and accessible for the modern day yogi
• I create and hold a safe space to learn and grow



Angela has a magical way of creating safe and welcoming spaces, allowing us to explore and turn inward knowing that we’re wholly and lovingly looked after. She holds such a vast amount of knowledge combined with a clear and deep passion for yoga in all its wonderful forms.

Add to this an absolutely unbelievable sense of humour, fun and vibrancy, and you have yourself one incredible being. Angela is quite simply a fantastic teacher.
   - Iain Ross — Yoga Teacher UK

Since 2017 my life has been enriched by Angela’s teachings. Every year I enroll in one of her programs. She is authentic, loving, caring, supportive and soooo much fun!!! Angela has an infectious loving presence about her. Once you start this voyage of discovery with her you don’t want it to end…and it doesn’t as the programs provide a wonderful sense of community. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who has the desire to delve in and immerse themselves to deepen their practice/teach in yoga.
   - Karen Goldman — Yoga Teacher UK

One of Angela’s many strengths is that she is able to discuss complex ideas and have open discussions about difficult topics with great warmth and sensitivity. Even in a large, diverse group with differing life experiences, Angela finds the common ground. She meets students wherever they are on their own journey, gives them room to grow and is wonderfully encouraging. Angela is continually studying, which means her teaching is relevant and up to date, both in style and content. Angela is one of the few teachers I know of who can speak with deep understanding and compassion for people who are living with PTSD, CPTSD and trauma, and is a wonderful source of information on this subject and its relationship with Yoga.

As a teacher, teacher trainer and former studio owner, Angela has a great deal of knowledge to share about the world of Yoga, not just within one community but internationally. She brings a wealth of experience in many styles of Yoga.
   - Eve Machin — UK

I’ve done a lot of yoga trainings and none of those teachers have had an impact on me in the way Angela has. She lives and breathes the information that she teaches and that is so clear in the way she guides others. Her Yin trainings gave me the confidence to not just make changes to my yoga teaching but also to other aspects of my life. There aren’t enough words to express how much you need to experience Angela’s teachings, I promise it will be life changing.
   - Emily Perry — UK

I have learned so much in just one week. There was a perfect balance between the theory and practice, between philosophy and applied knowledge, between western and eastern approaches, between ancient wisdom and modern science. Angela has a special gift to bridge these worlds in a perfect harmony. I have so much respect for Angela and her work, she has so much to share with the world. I think we grow the most when we can openly discuss our realizations and experience of yoga practise and Angela is providing a safe space for us to question and share in order to expand as a person and as a yoga teacher.
   - Hana Fialová — Czech Republic

I have had the pleasure to train with Angela for several years in the UK and in France. I jump at the chance to train with her when I can! Angela’s authentic style is one of the reasons I connected with her as her teachings are invaluable and raw, and I love that about her. It isn’t very often that you connect with a teacher that holds no barriers between the teacher student relationship and instead, shares in a way that enables both sides to grow and evolve as a result. This is how yoga should be shared and Angela does so beautifully.
   - Laura Barrett — UK

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