Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Fiona Walker

The quintessential Yogaspace Vinyasa Teacher and graduate of the Yogaspace Teacher Training Program, Fiona has been teaching at the studio for 14 years. Her uplifting and inspiring classes are highlighted by her fun, caring and deeply nurturing manner. While Fiona creates a space where new students feel safe and capable, she is also a teachers teacher who demonstrates exceptional skill at poetically communicating the essential nuances of the practice. Fiona leads Introduction to Vinyasa Yoga Pre-registered Workshops at Yogaspace where she introduces new students to the foundations of the practice and provides more experienced students with the opportunity to sharpen their skills. It is said that teaching Yoga is a Yoga in and of itself… it’s an art form. A valued faculty member of the Yogaspace 200 hour Teacher Training and Personal Development Program, Fiona has mastered the art!

“Yogaspace is the first yoga studio I started going to. I’ve been taking classes with Fiona for over a year now and I absolutely adore her. She knows what she’s doing and is such a pleasant person to be around. She is also very quick to answer questions or help you modify your practice according to your needs. You leave her class feeling so peaceful and refreshed! She is the reason why I’ve stayed around at Yogaspace and haven’t gone to any other studios. So thankful to know her!” – Quest A.

“I give Fiona’s class my highest recommendation. She’s spectacular!” – Jennifer B.

“Fiona is a super friendly instructor, great for beginners.” – Anonymous

“Fiona’s class was so lovely. A group of colleagues and I went for a team building exercise with all different levels of experience. We all came out glowing and refreshed. Such s lovely, nurturing physical environment too. Awesome!” – Lauren C.

“Every Vinyasa class with Fiona is a joy.”- Anonymous

“I attended an energizing Vinyasa class with Fiona on Friday. Full of clear alignment cues & great breath guidance. Came out feeling delicious!” – Norma D.

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