Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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The classes at Yogaspace are appropriate for a wide range of physical abilities and levels of practice. Participants are always encouraged to listen closely to their bodies, and taught how to modify the postures and movements to make them accessible to their unique needs and circumstances. Not every pose or movement is for every body. No postures or movements should ever cause pain. A good yoga teacher is a knowledgable and supportive guide who see’s you, and is able to attend to your unique needs. Nobody knows your body better than you.



All Levels – All levels classes are for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Some all levels classes provide more detailed instruction while others encourage students to explore and make their own discoveries about moving in time and space. Teachers will often provide modifications to individuals for the sake of comfort, safety, and/or accessibility.

Level 1-2 – These classes are for students who are familiar with yoga and movement practices. They often include more advanced postures, longer holds, and/or increased pace. Students who are coming to level 1-2 classes for the first time are encouraged to be patient, take ample breaks, and develop strength and endurance over time.



IN STUDIO AND ONLINE CLASSES (Register through the Schedule)


Vinyasa Flow – All – In Studio and Online

YuMee Chung - Monday 12-1pm
Fiona Walker - Monday 4:30pm, Wednesday 6pm
Jessica Ullathorne - Tuesday 6pm
Nicky Poole - Saturday 10am
Jay Andrews - Sunday 10am

Vinyasa means ‘to place in a sacred way’. In this flowing, dance-like practice, we begin with a warm up and then move into Sun Salutations, Standing Poses, Standing Balances, Core Work, Backbends, Forward Folds and Twists. Sometimes Inversions are also practiced. The transitions between postures are linked by the breath and the postures themselves are held for 3-5 steady breaths. With emphasis on the breath, core engagement, pacing and alignment, students are encouraged to move with care from posture to posture. As new postures are introduced, they are systematically broken down with modifications to make them more accessible to beginners and/or, more challenging for advanced students. Vinyasa classes are fun, and accompanied by inspiring and gently rhythmic music to set the pace. Vinyasa yoga provides cardio conditioning while challenging endurance, strength, stability, mobility and balance.



Nicky Poole - Friday 1pm

This accessible class introduces students to a deeper understanding of their core through targeted movements taken from the complementary modalities of pilates and yoga.

When we talk about the ‘core’ we are referring to the abdominals, back muscles, pelvic floor and breathing muscles. Deepening the connection and awareness of our ‘inner unit’ will provide support and stability for the rest of the body and more ease in all other areas of your life.

This class is ideal for:
• folks looking for a deeper understanding of the workings of their body
• people curious about how mat pilates can support their yoga practice
• people recovering from illness and injury, and working to rebuild strength
• postnatal students
• new students venturing back into movement practice after some time away
• people who want to feel strong and empowered

A mat based class, with most movements down seated or reclining and minimal pressure on the wrists, light toning weights, inflatable core balls and other props are used to enhance the experience and add load depending on individual needs and preferences.


Flowyoga – All – In Studio and Online

Bibi Rahim-Hahn - Wednesday 11am, Friday 6pm, Sunday 4:30pm

The Flow always begins with a guided meditation that goes deep and sets the tone for for a series of postures to open the body for inward exploration. This class moves slowly and deliberately, encouraging participants to explore their individual edges while letting go of externally imposed expectations and limitations. The Flowyoga sequence is designed to stimulate each chakra and promote health in the associated glands of the endocrine system. A slow moving class focused on developing and maintaining mental and physical stability, mobility and balance.


Yin & Restore + Soundbath – All – In Studio

Nikki Gauci - Wednesday 7:30pm

An evening ritual that perfectly balances the stretch and release of Yin yoga and the nourishment and support of a Restorative practice. Enhanced by a live Soundbath and all done on the floor with the support of blankets, bolsters and blocks. Expect a luxurious guided savasana and float home in a state of bliss.


Flow and Restore – All – In Studio

Kathryn Beet - Tuesday 7:15pm, Thursday 6pm

Wake up your joints, lengthen and strengthen a few fascial chains, activate your core and ease into the rhythm of a musical, fluid flow, connecting breath and movement. Conclude in a deeply restorative Savasana punctuated by grounding touch. Everyone welcome including beginners and those returning to yoga practice after a hiatus or an injury. All Levels


Jessica UllathorneThursday 12-12:45pm
A Mat Pilates class that will awaken your core and get you moving from all the right places in all the right ways.


Community Classes – ALLIn Studio

Taught by graduates of the Yogaspace 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Taught in the styles of Vinyasa or Classical Hatha Flow by graduates of our 200 hour yoga teacher training program, these classes have served as the breeding ground for many of Toronto’s most talented yoga teachers for twenty two years. (All)