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Inner Alchemy – Somatic Yin Yoga

with Angela Jervis-Read

Saturday April 13th, 7-9pm

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Join trauma informed yoga and somatics practitioner, Angela Jervis-Read for an evening of somatic exploration to break free from old patterns and create the life you deserve.

Yogis have long recognized that the mind and the body are one and the same. How we inhabit our bodies has a direct impact on how we think, feel and act in the world.

The alchemy of Somatic practices lies within the connection between sensation and our reactions. Our personal stories are expressed as subtle vibrations and experienced as sensations, visions and symbols. Through the stillness of Yin Yoga, we can hover our attention near these subtle vibrations in an act of deep listening where our awareness of sensation expands and thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns that no longer serve us, dissolve. Attending to the language of the body in this way brings the systems of the body into coherence, regulates the nervous system, balances hormones and on a cellular level, turns off genes that create disease while activating genes that promote health and longevity.

In this workshop we will begin with gentle rhythmic movement to improve interoception (the system that helps us to feel into our inner world). We will then move into the stillness of Yin yoga infused with somatic practices. Finally, we close with a Somatic Dreaming practice where we plant the seeds to create the future we truly desire.


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