Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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This is my favorite studio in the whole GTA. I have been going to Yogaspace since it opened 17 years ago. The teachers are all highly skilled and they really walk their talk. There is a huge abundance of Yoga props in each practice room. The vibe is so peaceful. It’s clean and the front desk staff are super nice and helpful. I also love that this place has a very broad student community. Everyone is so friendly, from all walks of life, many shapes and sizes… the class schedule really has something for everyone. I’ve been to lots of other studio’s in Toronto but none compare overall to Yogaspace. This place is the real deal.
- Anonymous

Love the atmosphere of the space and the range of teachers & classes … it’s easy to create a personal yoga schedule suited to whatever one’s practice needs. They are always introducing new options … Zumba is now on the roster!
- Janine G (Customer since 2008)

Always impressed by the calm atmosphere at Yogaspace, along with the professionalism of the attentive staff and instructors.
- Bill F (Customer since 2011)

Been coming to your space for a decade. Love the non-competitive nature of your classes
- Laura S (Customer since 2011)

I’ve dabbled in yoga before. A few months here, a few drop ins there, but I’d never found a place that I loved until Yoga space. The front desk women are great, they’re informative and friendly and talk to you like you’re a person. They’re massively helpful, and easy going. 
There is a strong focus on the basics here, so it isn’t intimidating for beginners, but can still be built on by people more advanced in their practice. Cameron’s Friday class is borderline addicting, and Emily’s class is worth getting up early for. 
What I really appreciated is the mix of classes offered here. I started by just taking the yoga classes but soon got addicted to the strength classes. It had been a long time since I’ve lifted a weight, but with the guidance of Ali, Michelle, and Pauluna I’ve seen a huge improvement. Not only an improvement to my yoga practice, but to my life. Every day tasks have become effortless, and for the first time in a long time I can work pain free. 
I can’t say enough about this place. I’ve felt comfortable and welcomed every step of my journey. I’ve never been made to feel guilty when I haven’t shown up in a while, or weird when I’ve shown up 6 days in a row. Seriously, great work guys.
- Carolyn-Mila S (Customer since 2013)

Yogaspace is by far and away the best studio in the city. Kathryn Beet, has built over the years, a community of inspired teachers and students who can come together in a place that exists to allow and inspire anyone who wishes to practice yoga, from novices to experts. The quality of the instructors is excellent, the environment welcoming and inclusive. I only wish I could be there more and that she opens a studio in the East End!
- Stephen R (Customer since 2009)

This is a great studio. The space is well-designed with a welcoming vibe. All the instructors I have practiced with are knowledgeable and committed to assisting everyone in having a beneficial and positive yoga experience.
- Erin M (Customer since 2014)

Great first experience, just what I was hoping for. Instructor made it easier for a beginner by explicitly going through the movements.
- Anonymous 

As a new student, I found the staff, teachers and students to be friendly and welcoming. The space is beautiful and the facilities extremely well maintained and thoughtfully organized. I visit Toronto several times a year and am so happy to have found this Yoga studio. I look forward to returning here each visit. Highly recommended!
- Elina T (Customer since 2015)

I’ve been quite new to my new health goals and yoga space has felt like the most wonderful spot to help me achieve them. The staff are very inviting, supportive and well versed in their individual practices. The facilities are clean and maintained. Im always excited to visit again when i can. Im very active in recommending yoga space to anyone!
- Zan S (Customer since 2015)

Wonderful and supportive hands on instructors.
- Anonymous

The teachers are diverse, supportive and knowledgeable. The space is super zen but not un-fun or pretentious way which is awesome! And they aren’t sticklers on time, if you arrive a bit late it’s not worries, no judgement just join the class and do some yoga!
- Aisha A (Customer since 2014)

Love coming here for the amazing variety of classes, as well as to see their holistic & wellness practitioners. Great sense of community, and staff and teachers are always friendly and welcoming.
- Abra S (Customer since 2014)

have been coming to YogaSpace for almost fifteen years… can’t keep away
- Helen M (Customer since 2009)

I have been taking classes at Yogaspace for the past six months and just recently finished my yoga teacher training with them. Both the YTT and the regular drop-in classes are fantastic! The teachers are all very different but all excellent. I have taken Hatha and Vinyasa, levels one and two, and have taken many of the community classes led by teacher-trainees. I have always left feeling better than when I walked in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Yogaspace to anyone – whether a beginner or an advanced practitioner of yoga.
- Anonymous (Customer since 2015)

Always a good class at Yoga Space, regardless of the teacher. Continue to recommend the studio to new students and experienced yogis.
- Kalene M (Customer since 2010)

Great teachers, lovely space.
- Mishell L (Customer since 2014)

Great atmosphere! Amazing instructors! Very Clean! What more can I say… I love Yoga Space!
- Tania M (Customer since 2014)

LOVE IT!!!! Teachers amazing, tons of positive energy!
Although it is not in my neighborhood I don’t mind driving for 30 minutes to have yoga class with first class teachers!
- Marija T (Customer since 2015)

Lovely clean studios, excellent teachers and classes. 
- Valarie H (Customer since 2015)

I love the vibe at Yoga Space. Very welcoming and students of all ages, shapes and sizes. Lots of classes to choose from so I can alway find something that fits my schedule.
- Gaelyne L (Customer since 2010)

I have been a patron of yogaspace since it’s first incarnation on Bellwoods. The teachers are excellent, the space is beautiful and well maintained, and i really appreciate the range of drop in classes available. I also attended prenatal yoga and childbirth prep classes at yogaspace for both my pregnancies and found them invaluable.
- Meghan T (Customer since 2009)

I love Yogaspace and recommend it to everyone who loves yoga and cares about quality teaching.
- Sheila C (Customer since 2012)

As always.. a great yoga studio with amazing teachers
- Jim T (Customer since 2013)

Aside from the great classes, the best thing about yogaspace is that it’s a friendly place. Free herbal tea and a comfortable communal bench near the sunny entry encourage connection and conversation. There’s very little of the cliquey-ness or aloofness that is unfortunately present at many downtown studios, leaving people fearing that they just ain’t hot/cool/beautiful enough to really belong….love Yogaspace and the people who work and practice there!
- Deanna P (Customer since 2014)

I really appreciate that you have a community classes that run throughout the week. Thanks.
- Anonymous

- Cassandra C (Customer since 2015)

Yogaspace always delivers excellent teachers, community and belonging.
- Anonymous

Non competitive yoga. Not necessary to be uber hip. Attracts practicioners that are more interested in their inner work than their waterbottle and yoga outfit. A good variety of classes and teachers.
- Anonymous

Excellent studio. All the instructors were really knowledgable and obviously well trained. They really took the time to make sure each student was aligned properly in all the asanas. The studio was clean and the staff were all friendly and welcoming. If I lived in Toronto this would be my studio. The one week pass was great value and perfect for someone like me who was only in the area for a short time
- Anonymous

A wonderful space with outstanding teachers who are current and proactive in their own practice, which enables them to provide a wealth of knowledge to every aspect of your Yoga journey! Every class brings an “Ah-ha moment” to my personal practice. Thank you, YogaSpace!!
- Kim W (Customer since 2014)

I went to the restorative class, which was fantastic: so relaxing and stress-destroying. And the back room is beautiful.
- Anonymous

I have been going to YogaSpace for over a decade. I can always find a class that suits my needs, or I can tailor my needs to the class. I am sophisticated in terms of body work and body knowledge but as I age I need to make more adjustments to accommodate the changes brought on by the years and some history of, shall we say, less than optimal body use. I have always found YogaSpace friendly, the staff and teachers helpful and often inspiring and there is a refreshing lack of spiritual pretension. I like the combination of a wide range of drop in classes along with specialised pre-registered classes and I have taken advantage of both options. I feel comfortable and at home at YogaSpace and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone, of whatever age, who wants to enjoy the benefits of Yoga,
- Catherine M (Customer since 2008)

YogaSpace is a very welcoming and comfortable place. When I began practicing yoga there 1 year ago I wasn’t sure what to expect. Upon attending a wide variety of classes, I was immediately impressed by the knowledge of the instructors. Each instructor has an obvious passion for their practice that is always accompanied by an open minded and kind attitude toward learning students. 
YogaSpace offers a wide variety of yoga and personal training classes that are sure to improve overall body function and mental awareness while making students feel that they are part of the YogaSpace community, regardless of training level. I highly reccomend this studio to new comers and veteran yogis alike.
- Kristen M (Customer since 2013)

Great space, great teachers. The atmostphere there is really nice. I go to three classes a week at YogaSpace on Ossington and I’d be lost without it!
- Brenda C (Customer since 2014)

The right balance between sweat & serenity.
- Emily B (Customer since 2014)

Yoga space has it all. You can be an absolute beginner or a twenty year veteran of yoga and there will be something for everyone…
It’s a comforting place to walk into as it’s friendly and caring, you can also rush in and out and no-one will get in your way. The overall consensus is that they are glad you came and allowed yourself some time to do something for yourself and your practice . This space has to be the best in the city and for anyone who travels and does yoga when away, their mind will always return to yoga space and how good it is. Don’t be afraid to ask for advise with the classes and don’t be afraid to try out a class that may be out of your realm, you can do whatever you want at Yogaspace, it’s all good,but beware, it could become your home away from home.
- Anonymous

Great energy and teachers. I always feel better after having gone to a yoga class no matter what the style, teacher or time.
- Anonymous

I’ve been practising yoga at Yogaspace for years. I have seen the neighbourhood around the centre grow and yet Yogaspace maintains the intimate quality I seek in a yoga studio. Love it.
- Laura S (Customer since 2011)