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“Yogaspace is amazing. The training was outstanding and the access to outstanding clinicians and practitioners makes it the best program available!” – Bruce


The training at Yogaspace was phenomenal. The faculty was so knowledgeable and guided the students with great compassion and care. I would highly recommend the 200 hour program to anyone looking to deepen their practice but especially to those looking to teach. I am so grateful for the guidance and mentor ship I received. The training has inspired me to continue learning and growing and I have already started to participate in more in depth training offered at Yogaspace. Unbelievable experience!” – Ellie


My experience at Yogaspace changed my life! The training was exceptional, providing me with a solid foundation as a teacher. The teachers were amazing and always available to debrief and discuss anything! I will never forget my 200hr YTT training at Yogaspace Toronto! You made me!!!” – Shanchoy


What an amazing program offered at Yogaspace! I feel so blessed to have studied with Kathryn Beet and Hali Schwartz; two amazing women who have completely changed my life. The whole program covered so much and was organized so well for ease of learning. I always felt so welcomed, loved and appreciated everything I learned. Referring back to my notes and videos blows me away and has been extremely helpful in planning my new career. I’m so glad I chose Yogaspace! I cannot wait to return to my ‘Yoga home’ the next time I visit Toronto. Thank you for everything! xoxox” – Sophie


“My Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Space was a very spiritual and educational experience. Each lesson in class was taught with a huge amount of commitment by the dedicated staff teachers. The studio at Yoga Space was always clean and tidy, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Each student was treated with the utmost respect, and any questions asked where attentively answered. The staff was very fast at responding to e-mails, and made the study of Yoga a pleasure. Yoga Philosophy was thoroughly studied and discussed with enthusiasm, while Yoga Anatomy was very visually descriptive. Sequences and poses where precisely analyzed and described with depth. What I gained from Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Space is a rich knowledge of a passion I keep close to my heart. Without a doubt, I would recommend Yoga Space to anyone aspiring to deepen their Yoga practice.” – Helena


I had a wonderful experience at YogaSpace in Toronto for my Teacher Training. The training and teachers were exceptionally knowledgeable and supportive. The program and its content was detailed, clearly delivered and provided me with a solid understanding of all the elements needed to become a confident Yoga Teacher. I highly recommend this program.” – Lisa


I learned everything and more i could possibly imagine at Yogaspace. The trainers were not only our guides but because friends. They covered everything from yoga to anatomy to philosophy and you can tell their passion in wanting us to excel. I cant wait to complete my 300hr at this studio!” – Samantha


“Overall, I appreciate the learning that took place at Yogaspace, on all levels, as delivered by the different teachers we were taught by. It is always beneficial to learn from various viewpoints, and perspectives, which further deepens one’s own personal practice and self-awareness as both a yoga student and potential teacher. That in itself is a gift. But the learning does not stop there – the YogaSpace teachers inspired me to want to learn more, and to continue to hone in on my own practice, further develop and strengthen my yoga philosophy, fine-tune my anatomical knowledge of our body which allow this beautiful craft to happen, as well as, realizing the importance of having a strong body for a healthy yoga practice. I am grateful to YogaSpace for the learning experience, and feel confident enough to continue to grow from it – a strong foundation to build upon. Plus I have also appreciated the opportunity to teach community classes at YogaSpace, and to put into practice what I have learned.” – Sarah


I was blown away by the level of professionalism at Yogaspace. All of the teachers were evidently knowledagble about their subjects and created a safe and conducive learning environment for students at all levels. I would reccommend Yogaspace to anyone looking to learn about the foundations of yoga and yoga philosophy.” – Hanna


All of the instructors at Yogaspace are extremely passionate about yoga and about teaching. It was helpful to have each unit of the curriculum delivered by a different instructor who specialized in that area. The class size was not too big and the studio space and available props were great. The lessons were appropriately paced, with a good mixture of theory, anatomy, and hands-on learning. The summer intensive program really encouraged strong bonds and friendships to form among the students, as we saw each other every day. I feel that the material covered provided a great introduction to yoga history and teaching, with a strong emphasis on safety, developing your unique style and maintaining an ongoing practice. The community classes that new graduates are encouraged to teach are a perfect way to gain actual teaching experience following the course.” – Danielle


This was the most life changing four months of my entire life. From the incredible teachers to the incredible lessons that were taught. There is not a single negative comment I can make about Yoga Space or the 200 Hour program that they run. I wish I could relive this experience over and over again.” – Kimberly


Yogaspace was the perfect place for me to do my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Not only were they very hands on during the training, they also have amazing mentors to help you once you have completed the program. They also have community classes set up for their graduates to help them gain some experience before entering the industry. All the program leaders were extremely knowledgable in their fields and all of them left me so inspired to be the best I could be. I would highly recommend Yogaspace to anyone in Toronto looking for a teacher training program.” – Andrea


Yogaspace’s 200hr YTT program was absolutely incredible. It took my yoga practice to a whole new level and helped me grow in so many areas of my life on and off the mat. I can’t say enough about the teaching team and the support we received. Kathryn Beet is an incredible mentor and resource with a wealth of knowledge about the practice from the perspective of teacher and student. I am so grateful for the path I am on now because of this program. Hali Schwartz’s yoga philosophy component was exceptional and beyond compare. While a 200hr YTT is just the beginning, I left the program feeling like I had a strong framework of asana, philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, pre-natal, and teaching principles and a new sense of self awareness and direction. Whether or not you want to teach I highly recommend the Yogaspace 200hr YTT!!” – Jessica


Found everything that I was searching for when I came to YogaSpace; the training was perfectly balanced and the teachers were amazing and full of knowledge.” – Jacqueline


I am forever indebted to the phenomenal teachers that guided me through my transformative yoga teacher training journey, most notably my teachers Kathryn Beet, Patricia White, Hali Schwartz and Fiona Walker. This training included education in anatomy, pranayama, philosophy, pre-natal, hatha and vinyasa, and allowed students the opportunity to teach community classes upon graduation—an experience that gave me the confidence to begin my career as a new yoga teacher. I am beyond pleased with my decision to study at this studio and recommend the program whole-heartedly. The focus on form, safety and teaching modifications for all levels was especially important to me and one of the strongest threads throughout all facets of this program.” – Sheena


As an immigrant in Canada and English being my second language, I could never imagine myself being able to become a yoga instructor and lead a class in confidence. Yogaspace made this dream come true! Yogaspace offers a great teacher team. They work hard for you and support you in any way just to make sure you are finding your potentials and growing to your best and highest self. Observing everyone’s transformation to a knowledgeable yoga instructor was so heartwarming. Be prepared to dig deep and learn a lot about yourself. For me it really was a life changing experience. The journey is wonderful, intense, and incredibly worthwhile. I highly recommend this school even if you’re not planning to start a yoga teacher career for yourself. Namaste.” – Afsoon


My experience was transformational and life-changing. I came to the program thinking I knew quite a bit about Yoga only to discover there is a wealth of aspects about it that I had no clue about. As one of my teachers explained: Yoga is like an apple tree, each apple represents one aspect of Yoga for example the asana apple, it is a never-ending journey… I am forever grateful for the commitment to each of the students’ learning and development from Yogaspace’s fantastic teachers, their devotion to the practice and community building, and the support given to teacher-trainees as students and as teachers.” – Sara


The training exceeded my expectations. Not only was the training very thorough, but they were clearly very committed to ensuring each student got the most out of the program. I loved having several teachers, all with slightly different styles, but all very devoted to the practice and to high quality instruction. They all took great care to set up a positive learning experience and to foster relationships within the program. We learned through reading, lectures, discussion, practice, observation, participation, and practice teaching. It was a big time commitment but well worth it. I highly recommend it!” – Sue


The summer teacher training at YogaSpace became a second home for me. I felt so comfortable and happy there! The staff and my fellow teacher trainees were so kind, inspirational and supportive. Teacher training was one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever done. Not only did I learn so much but our group became so close (I mean, we were together 8hours a day for a month) but it truly felt like a little family. The environment of the studio is a friendly, relaxed place. It’s truly such a beautiful space to practice and learn. YogaSpace helped lead me the way to living my passion. A truly unforgettable summer!” – Becca


The YogaSpace course was comprehensive, in depth and well organized, and the teachers were knowledgable, passionate and accessable. The facilites are inspiring, and I thank & congratulate the YogaSpace team on providing a yoga teacher training that far surpassed my expectations!” – Arti


I have been teaching Pilates for over 10 years and went into the YTT program at Yogaspace to simply deepen my Yoga practice. I knew there was more to Yoga than the poses and I needed to know what ‘that’ was. Yogaspace’s YTT 200hr program gave me a better understanding of not only the poses but a better understanding of mySelf (thank-you Hali – Yoga Philosophy rocks!). My Yoga practice, anatomy knowledge, teaching skills are all stronger thanks to the amazing talented teachers at Yogaspace. Even though my goal wasn’t to teach Yoga, I am now teaching classes because I feel a strong need to share what I have learned and continue to learn with others. I am forever grateful to Yogaspace. Namaste.” – Melissa


Yogaspace provided me with a solid base of knowledge to draw from as I begin teaching my own yoga classes. The teachers were supportive and the Yogaspace studio is a lovely place to practice yoga. I will be forever grateful for finding Yogaspace.” – Stephanie


The Yoga Teacher training in Yogaspace is amazing! Definetly a life inspiring experience. All the teachers are wonderful and you get to really know beautiful people in the most extraordinary ways. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in doing a YTT!” – Daniela


Yogaspace exceeded my expectations. I took the YTT course with the mindset to improve on my asanas, but I learned that yoga is much more than that. With the asanas, engaging the right muscle groups is vital to not only do the pose correctly but for safety reasons. To me, hands on assistant and in-class demo is a very important tool to utilize in the classroom, and the studio provided just that. Not only do they teach you the physical aspect of yoga, but more importantly the mental, spiritual, cultural, and philosophical realms of this traditional practice. In addition, the instructors continue to offer help and guidance even after the course has ended. With a history of 18 years, the staff in this studio continues to greet their community in a genuine and authentic manner. Namaste.” – Wendy


The yoga teacher training at Yogaspace was absolutely amazing. The teachers were extremely knowledgeable and provided great support and advice. All in all, the YTT was an inspiring and eye opening experience that really changed my life.” – Kristin


“I would like to thank YogaSpace Toronto for the phenomenal experience with their Yoga Teacher Training course, including all my talented and incredible instructors Kathryn Beet, Patricia White, Darcie Clark, Leslie Hopkins, Hali Schwartz, Sasha Padron, Trish Lindstrom, and Christine Cinq Mars….what a fabulous ensemble of yogis and I feel totally blessed to have been under their tutelage …..I realize that yoga is a continuous journey and I strongly feel that all the graduates from this program have been sent out as teachers with a strong foundation and now are free to explore further their personal practice through teaching others….I’ve made so many friends and have been touched by many great souls… Congratulations graduates!! I love you all!” – Lucy DiPucchio


YogaSpace’s teacher training is a life-changing experience. Whether you take the course in hopes to become a yoga teacher or for your personal development, the teachings offered help students understand how to ensure yoga practices provide a vast array of benefits and provide the tools you need to be the best person you can be. Teachers are so well educated on yoga principles, philosophy, anatomy, how to be an excellent teacher while properly cueing, various populations with injuries and disabilities and there is such a great sense of community, in general. Essentially, you are set up for success no matter the situation when you enter a class and find yourself with diverse group of yogis taking your class.” – Cristina


The instructors are very experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We covered all the topics I hoped we would learn about. I am already recommending the school to my family, friends and co-workers.” – Patricia


If you are looking for a yoga teacher training program that is rooted in the lineage of Krishnamacharya-Desikachar, and taught by teachers who deeply know and live their yoga, then this is the place to study. I was nurtured, supported, challenged, and transformed by this experience and the wonderful teachers who designed it and continue to fine-tune it.” – Guilia


“My experience at YogaSpace has been truly inspiring & empowering. The teachers are very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the wealth of yoga with their students; the staff is amazing and very accommodating! I left with more knowledge, love, inner peace and a thirst for even more. The heart, soul and time that was put into this course was unsurpassed. Thank you for being a part of my journey! YogaSpace will always be a second home to me.” – Falitaa Chhabra


YTT with YogaSpace was life changing. Although it was hard work, every single minute of our classes were full of exciting lessons. Whether you want to be a Yoga Teacher or not, this is a program that everybody should take if you want to understand yourself better. I will take with me lessons that I will keep for the rest of my life.” – Andrei Neagoie


“Taking the Yogaspace Teacher Training Program was an amazingly rich experience. We were guided to delve deep and speak from our own experience. I learned how to teach in a way that is true to me, which is the way to be an authentic and compelling teacher. I learned to develop a keen eye for the needs of different students, to honour each one as an individual body, an individual person. The program provided a solid foundation for teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga – the combination of Kathryn and Patricia was powerful. The studio space is beautiful and is the home for a strong community of yoga teachers that I connected with throughout the training program and continue to connect with while teaching.”- Madelaine Côté


“The Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspace transformed my teaching and my life. The studio itself is a reflection of the learning. The light pours into the west studio with a zen quality, creating space in the mind and body. The dark womb of the second studio lets one delve deeply into the teachings. Trusting your teacher is key to learning. Kathryn and Patrica , though different, create this trusting environment with their knowledge of the body, their intensity and their humour. The experience of silence, tears, laughter and song bring the teachings to life. Like all great teachers they find the edges and fear and guide you through – maybe its a full wheel . Respecting boundaries they find a faith that you didn’t know you had. It is a privilege to teach where I continue to learn. I m now earning my living teaching yoga, in schools, community centres and studios around the city. I love my life. Yogaspace is pivotal for me to be the Yoga teacher I seek.” – Dale Stafford