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Teaching Prenatal Yoga: Science and Soul

with Nicky Poole

Dates TBA

Course Description:
Learn how to support women through mindful, evidence-based yoga practices for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Nicky Poole is a Pre-Post- Natal specialist who facilitates trainings that weave together science and soul. This training is essential for any yoga teacher or movement specialist who works with women and wants to learn how to hold space for them in a compassionate and educated way. Anyone who teaches and works with women at any stage of their life cycle will benefit from the knowledge shared in this program. This training is open to yoga and movement teachers who have completed a 200-hour certification, body therapists, birth professionals and people interested in supporting women through this special time in their lives.

Course Content:
• The syllabus is integrative in its focus and includes optimal alignment in yoga postures, changes to the body systems during pregnancy, labour and delivery, specific therapeutic and strengthening movement techniques, adaptive yoga techniques, breathing tools, trauma-sensitive practices, energetic alignment and embodiment, anatomy, nutrition, and meditation techniques for birth preparation and labour.
• Clinical insights about changes during pregnancy, labour and beyond.
• Practical communication and teaching skills with detailed and clear feedback from classmates and teachers. These include student-led presentations, and teaching practice designed to build your confidence and find your most effective teaching style.
• How to access the most up-to-date scientific research on pregnancy, birth, and movement to deliver accurate information to your clients. Learn to develop critical thinking about pregnancy and birth.
• Develop a referral network of professionals to assist you in providing holistic and integrative treatment to pregnant women and clearly understand your scope of practice as a movement teacher.

• Pregnancy and Birth through different cultural, social and historical lenses
• Changes to the cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, hormonal system in pregnancy.
• The female pelvic floor
• Exercise guidelines for pregnancy
• Adapting regular classes to pregnant students
• Sun Salutations for pregnancy
• Learn modifications, enhancements, and contraindications for classical yoga postures and two prenatal yoga class sequences
• Pregnancy-specific strengthening and mobility exercises
• Sequencing an effective and soulful Pre Natal yoga class
• The labour and birth process
• The post-natal period through a cross-cultural lens
• Using yoga techniques to remedy common post-natal conditions: diastasis recti, prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, joint pain, and post-partum mood disorders
• Core strengthening movements for post- natal period
• Sequencing post-natal classes, including parent and baby classes
• Restorative yoga, self-massage, and meditation for mothers
• Business development for the pre and post natal specialist

What’s Included:
• A comprehensive manual
• A complimentary 1 month In Studio Class Pass
• Observe and participate in 2 Prenatal Classes

Required Texts
Preparing for a Gentle Birth by Blandine Calais-Germain and Nuria Vives Pares
Diastasis Recti by Katy Bowman

All fees are subject to HST and are in Canadian Dollars.