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Teaching Through Touch:

A Hands-On Assists Training for Yoga Instructors

with YuMee Chung

Dates TBA


Training Content

Hands-on assists are an important part of the yoga teacher’s toolkit. Skillful touch communicates volumes about the form and essence of each yoga pose while establishing a safe learning environment and building trust with students. Assisting with clarity and compassion not only benefits students but it also enlivens your experience as a teacher and expands your ability to serve the people in your classes as unique individuals with diverse needs.

During this intimate and in-depth training, you will learn the value of hands-on teaching rooted in consent. You will assist yoga poses that are common to a number of yoga traditions, explore ways to personally embody the principles of steadiness and sweetness, and develop confidence in your own individual approach to touch. You will learn how to:

• assist standing poses (including balancing poses), seated forward bends, twists, backbends, basic inversions, vinyasa flow and savasana;
• assess the physical and energetic alignment of asanas;
• develop a sensitive, grounded, and effective touch;
• protect yourself from injury and preserve your own vitality by using props and techniques for leveraging your own body weight.

You will cultivate your skills in a practical, hands-on environment where you will watch, photograph and make notes on detailed demonstrations before giving and receiving touch with partners of different shapes and sizes.

What’s Included:

• A comprehensive training manual – PDF format
• A complimentary 2 week In Studio class pass.