Toronto - at 699 College on the South East corner of Montrose. (Side door)
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Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training:

Inspired Resilience

with Angela Jervis-Read

January 18, 19, 23, 25, 26, 30
2 Saturdays, 11:30 – 7pm
2 Sundays, 11:30am – 4pm
2 Thursdays, 6 – 9pm
30 Hours – $750 + HST
Early Bird – $690 (If paid by November 18) REGISTER NOW »


Becoming ‘trauma informed’ enables you to facilitate a sense of ‘relative safety’ in your workplace, clinic or classroom. Using techniques from the system of yoga, combined with the latest scientific research and modern day somatics, this program will give you the knowledge and tools to help your clients reconnect to themselves and others.

Who will benefit from this training?

This program is open to anyone who:
• would like to understand the nature of trauma for their own personal development
• would like to incorporate bottom-up (body based) techniques into their clinical work (psychotherapists, social workers, nurses, school teachers or wardens, etc.)
• would like to facilitate a sense of safety in their classroom •would like to learn the science behind why yoga is so effective in the healing of trauma

Training Content:
• What is trauma?
• What does it mean to heal trauma?
• How does trauma impact society?
• Approaches to Healing: Top-down and bottom-up
• How does trauma affect the nervous system?
• How yoga regulates the nervous system.
• Chakras and Myofascial Memory – How is trauma stored in the tissues of the body?
• Polyvagal theory – Dr. Porges science behind the benefits of kindness
• The Window of Tolerance, the Gunas, and theory of Yin and Yang
• Attachment theory reconciled with the Eastern practice of non-attachment
•The Power of Presence
• Coming home – grounding, orienting and healing dissociation
• Resolve flashbacks with bilateral stimulation
• Understand the role interoception, plays in self and co-regulation
• Coherence – How yoga establishes harmony within and without
• Reactivate the social engagement system

What’s Included

85 page training Manual – PDF Format
1 Month Complimentary In Studio Pass

Self Care and Community Impact

There is an overwhelming correlation between PTSD and illnesses like heart disease, obesity, autoimmune diseases and cancer. The likelihood of substance abuse , violence, depression, anxiety, self harm and suicide skyrockets for those living with trauma.

Imagine what the world would look like if each person had an opportunity to process their sorrow, their anger and their fear. Prisons would be less populated, drug use would diminish, family life would improve and communities would come together.

No one on Earth is outside the field of trauma. Whether you have experienced a trauma yourself, you are experiencing trans-generational trauma or you are a part of a community that is suffering, pain is not contained – it radiates out and we all feel its effects.

Each person has their own work to do and it is challenging work. One needs to work slowly and seek appropriate support.

During this training we encourage you take time to process what may arise during our studies. Here are some things to consider making time for:

• Talk Therapy
• Somatic Therapy
• Getting outside for walks in nature – our greatest healer.
• Taking time for self care activities like taking a warm bath, going for a massage, dancing, singing, painting, drawing or writing
• Moving your body in whatever way appeals to you
• Creating and enjoying nutritious and delicious meals
• Resting deeply with practices like restorative yoga