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With Yogaspace closing it’s doors for the time being, we have taken Module 1, (The theory component), of our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program online. The online format allows us to easily convey all essential information within an intimate group setting, allowing for interpersonal bonds between students and teachers. We take a maximum of 12 students into the online portion. Our first wave of online students were pleased to embark on yoga teacher training despite not being able to attend classes in person. Doing so, enabled them to complete the theory portion of their training during lockdown, leaving them with just 100 hours of in studio training to complete once we are allowed back into the studio. 

The program is broken down into two modules: Module 1 includes 2 online courses, (50 hours in total), and 30 required online classes. Module 2 consists of 100 hours of classroom time. Once the courses and classes in Module 1 have been completed, students can choose one of two available formats for Module 2 once we are back in the studio. (See below).

We have 3 full Scholarships available to the full program. Preference will be given to all marginalized individuals with at least 2 years of yoga practice, including but not limited to, persons with disabilities, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ & low income folks. Yogaspace is a body & age positive organization.

To apply for scholarship, please send an email to, explaining in 100 words why you are a good candidate for yoga teacher training. Chosen candidates will have a follow up interview. If we receive more than 3 candidate emails, we will seriously consider opening up more scholarship spots. Everyone who applies for scholarship will hear from us within 1 week.

If you have any questions about the program, please send an email to for a quick response.


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July 20 – August 3
Monday – Friday
2 – 5pm & 6 – 9pm

Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama & Meditation
with Hali Schwartz
Monday, July 20 – Friday, July 31
2 – 5pm

Yoga Anatomy
with Ellie Emberley
Monday – Thursday, July 20, 22, 24, 26 & Monday, Wednesday, Friday July 27, 29, 31, August 3
6 – 9pm

Module 1 (80 Hours) – $1060 + HST
(Includes a 3 month complimentary pass for online classes)


Dates: TBA

Techniques. Training, Practice, Practice Teaching.

Teaching Methodology. Demonstration, Communication, Voice, Taking the Seat of the Teacher.

Teaching Practicum

Module 2 (100 Hours) – $1940 + HST

Module 2 Format Options

Option 1: 20 weekdays, (Over 4 weeks in July or August) 5 hours per day. (In studio)
Option 2: 10 weekends, 5 hours per day, Saturday and Sunday. (In studio)
(Includes a 3 month complimentary pass for online/in studio classes)


Yogaspace has been training yoga teachers for 20 years. We offer Yoga Alliance Registered Trainings at the 200 and 300 hour levels. We also offer a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. All trainees must begin with the 200 hour program. Successful graduates of the 200 hour program are eligible for RYT 200 status with the Yoga Alliance. Once trainee’s graduate from the 200 hour level, they may continue on to the 300 hour program and/or RPYT training. Successful graduates of the 300 hour program are then eligible for RYT 500 status. Graduates of the RPYT, (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher), program are eligible for RPYT status.

The 200 hour program is suitable for serious students with at least two years of yoga practice who have developed a passion for the practice of yoga and an interest in becoming yoga teachers. It is also an appropriate learning environment for serious students, interested in deepening their yoga practice but not necessarily wanting to teach.

Our senior faculty members are recognized leaders in the Toronto Yoga community who have been teaching for 30 years each. They are eager students and educators of yoga, passionate about sharing their significant knowledge and experience. They are always accessible to trainees and the extended Yogaspace teaching team also serve as mentors.

The environment at Yogaspace is supportive, inclusive and friendly. Yogaspace is a body positive and age positive organization. Our 200 hour program offers in-depth training in Classical Hatha and Contemporary Vinyasa Yoga.

As a school, our approach is therapeutic and our emphasis is on function in relation to the individual rather than on aesthetics. We are interested in using the poses to explore the body rather than using the body to attain the perfect pose. We believe that the practice of yoga is beneficial to everyone and that a liberal approach to the use of modifications makes it accessible to all.

Teaching yoga, is a yoga in and of itself. We believe that exceptional teaching skills are attained through:
1. A strong theoretical and practical education in all aspects of yoga.
2. Student commitment to a personal practice as the foundation of creative teaching.
3. The experience that can only be attained through the practice of teaching, itself.

The Yogaspace 200 hour teaching faculty is dedicated to graduating new teachers who are physically and mentally fluent in the fundamentals so they may begin their teaching journey with confidence and ease. The rest is up to each individual who embarks on the journey. With each group of students we work with, we witness the awakening of incredible passion, commitment and dedication as graduation draws near and the option of teaching community classes becomes imminent.

Graduate certificates are issued upon completion of all course requirements and at the discretion of the Program Director. Successful graduates of the 200 hours program are eligible to register for the 300 hour program and/or the RPYT program.

The success of our program lies in:

Above and beyond Yoga Alliance Standards, our contact hours cover:

Tuition Includes:

Yoga Alliance RYS 200

Yogaspace is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School and a Private Educational Institution certified with the Federal Government of Canada. Teacher training students will receive an official tuition fee receipt for income tax purposes.
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