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Yogaspace is an International Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training School that has developed a solid and longstanding reputation for excellence over twenty five years. We honour the historic roots of yoga alongside a modern, evidence based foundation in which form is at service of function, (rather than aesthetics). We are proud to see our graduates preferentially hired and a notable prominence of our alumni who have become yoga leaders and educators locally and internationally. We have worked hard to develop an outstanding curriculum and to sustain the most excellent faculty possible. Our lead trainers are among the most experienced and accomplished 500 hour ERYT yoga educators in Canada.

We invite anyone serious about deepening their understanding and practice of the vast subject that is yoga to come to one of our information sessions, meet our faculty and consider our programs.


The 200 hour program provides trainees with a strong foundation in all aspects of practicing and teaching yoga. Individuals interested in deepening their yoga practice and/or becoming yoga teachers begin here. The program is divided into two modules: The Theory Module, which takes place online and the Practical Module, which is offered online and in-person. The program culminates in an optional three month teaching assignment on the Yogaspace class schedule. Students graduate from the 200 hour program having developed a personal yoga practice as the foundation for exceptional teaching, alongside the knowledge, skill and confidence to begin teaching yoga classes online and in-person in yoga studios, corporate settings, gyms and private settings. Our 200 hour program provides an unparalleled foundation for more advanced training. Both the Theory and Practical Modules are offered three times annually and can be taken in either order.


with Kathryn Beet, Hali Schwartz, Jessica Ullathorne & Guest Faculty

• Fundamentals of moving in time and space
• Practice and teaching the fifty posture asana curriculum
• Practice teaching in pairs, in small groups, and to the full group
• Foundations of teaching yoga: Technique and methodology
• Applying these technique and methodology to virtual and in-person classes
• Cueing, language, voice technique, developing the teachers mindset
• The art and science of sequencing
• Create and present a one hour sequence in a group of four or five
• Yoga, Inclusivity, accessibility, oppression, appropriation and appreciation
• Seeing, creating safe space for, and teaching individuals and groups
• Posture modifications with and without props
• Pranayama and Meditation: Practice and teaching
• The business of yoga
• Introduction to prenatal yoga
• Introduction to functional movement
• One-on-one direction and feedback for Yogaspace virtual platform teaching practicum
• Certification granted upon completion of all module 1 and 2 assignments

• 16 In Studio classes
• 1 hour practice recording (recommended to be practiced a minimum of twice per week for 10 weeks)
• 1 recorded fifteen minute final presentation
• Optional two month teaching assignment on the Yogaspace Online platform
• Minimum of 15 online and/or in studio classes with 5 class reflections

$1950 +HST

• Complimentary 2-month in studio and online class pass
• Downloadable recordings of all YTT classes
• Downloadable recording of the asana curriculum & practice sequence
PDF: Yogaspace 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual
• Guidance and feedback from the program director
• Option to teach virtual community classes upon graduation of both modules at the discretion of the Program Director


with Hali Schwartz and Ellie Emberley

Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting
• Origins, history and meanings of yoga
• The Five Yoga’s: History, philosophy, teachings and practice
• Introduction to Chanting: Hymns from the Upanishads
• How to skillfully weave yoga’s philosophical teachings into your classes
• Pranayama and Meditation: History, methodology, practice and teaching
• Teaching skills for creating a meditation offering

Anatomy of the Moving Body
• Overview of the human body in relation to practicing and teaching yoga
• The musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, digestive and hormone systems
• Practical application of anatomy knowledge to asana practice and teaching
• Common injuries and conditions: Prevention and modification application

• 9 live online YTT classes Wednesday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays
• 8 recorded anatomy classes with homework (2 hours each)
• Minimum of 15 online and/or in studio classes with 5 class reflections
• Take home, open book, philosophy exam

$1450 +HST

• Complimentary 2-month online and in studio class pass
• Downloadable recordings of all live online YTT classes
• 8 Downloadable pre-recorded anatomy classes
PDF: One Without a Second by Hali Schwartz
PDF: Yoga Anatomy by Ellie Emberley
• Ongoing contact and e-mail support with teachers

Does not include
• Hard Copy: One Without a Second by Hali Schwartz, $25
• Hard Copy: Science of Yoga by Ann Swanson, $25.73



FALL 2022

THEORY MODULE – October 1 – October 23 (skips Thanksgiving Weekend)
3 Wednesday Evenings Online 6 – 8pm
3 Saturdays & Sundays Online 10am – 4pm


PRACTICAL MODULE – October 29 – January 7 (skips Christmas & New Years Eve)
9 Saturdays In-Studio 11:15am – 4:15pm
9 Sundays In Studio 10:45am – 3:45pm

*Includes a 30 minute lunch break + 15 minute morning & afternoon breaks.


THEORY MODULE – April 1 – 23 (skips Easter)
3 Wednesday Evenings Online 6 – 8pm
3 Saturdays & Sundays Online 10am – 4pm

PRACTICAL MODULE – April 29 – June 24
9 Saturdays In-Studio 11:15am – 4:15pm
9 Sundays In Studio 10:45am – 3:45pm


(Runs over 18 week-days in July and/or August). Dates not up yet).


Yoga Alliance RYS 200

Yogaspace is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School and a Private Educational Institution certified with the Federal Government of Canada. Teacher training students will receive an official tuition fee receipt for income tax purposes.
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